What is Inox?

Inox is a showcase application built by Digita to demonstrate how Tim Berners-Lee’s Solid specification benefits end users.

Are there any guarantees?

This instance of Inox is hosted for demonstration purposes only. Therefore, we do not provide any guarantees concerning the security or performance of the application.

How can contact the Inox team?

If you have a suggestion or believe you can contribute, feel free to send an email to tom@digita.ai.

I do not have a Solid pod. Can I still use Inox?

Yes, you can use Inox to create your first Solid pod.

Will Inox remain free to use?

Currently, Inox is free to use so as many people as possible can discover the possibilities of Solid. However, as the market of Solid applications is still new, we (Digita) have not made a decision on how to proceed with Inox in the long term.

What is Digita’s relation to Inox?

Digita is the sponsor of Inox. Digita is also building software for enterprises so they can connect to- or set-up a Solid-based personal data (intra) web. You can find more information about Digita on their website or LinkedIn profile.

Is Inox open source?

We have not yet decided on how to proceed with Inox in the long term and are awaiting the response of the community.