Digita Connect is middleware to ensure that pod servers (and other next-gen data sources) can talk with traditional systems. From a perspective of the organisation that implements an instance of Digita Connect, those traditional systems can be both internal and external.

In a sense, the Digita Connect middleware is similar to other software solutions that aim to aggregate personal data within companies such as customer data platforms, enterprise service busses and master data management software. However, the key differences with such solutions is that Digita Connect assumes at its core that (1) data sources can also be external to an organisation and (2) that personal data can be shared with other parties.

Because of these fundamental differences with traditional personal data aggregation software, Digita Connect is not merely an ETL tool, but also takes care of consent management, caching, workflow management, data lineage and so on.

Architecture, components and modes

For organisations that want to get started with Solid, Digita Connect can fulfill two purposes. First, for organisations that want to enable their customers/citizens/employees to reuse their data at other parties, Digita Connect can serve as a middleware between existing servers and an internal pod store (on premise, IaaS or private cloud). Second, for organisations that want to enable people to reuse their data at their own organisation, Digita Connect enables the connection between that external data and internal systems. Of course, both purposes can be combined within the same instance of Digita Connect.